Mix It Up with Affordable RV Rentals

Are you planning your trip to the big college game this fall? Consider taking your tailgate to the next level with affordable RV rentals by Fun Time Rentals. While many of our clients use our onsite camping rentals, we also have travel trailers ready to hit the road. Sign up for one with a private queen bedroom, bunk beds, and a full bath so you can skip the hotel rooms and kick back after a long day driving. Reserve our camping equipment package and enjoy an outdoor carpet, table, chairs, and awning for BBQ fun.

Motorhome Rentals for a Family Vacation You will Never Forget

Is it just you and a couple kids taking a trip to the lake or a National Park? Look at one of our motorhome rentals where the camper and truck are all combined into one convenient vehicle. Anybody with a regular driver's license is able to drive one of our motorhomes. They fit into regular parking spaces and are easy to pull into your next camp site without worrying about a trailer and hitch. Air conditioning, microwave, and private showers are packed into one compact design.

Travel RV Rentals to Take Tailgating to the Next Level

Our largest travel RV rentals feature a bunk room for the kids at the back with their own door. Yes, you can escape into your master suite with its own television and cable connection. Bring along a generator and cut the cord when you explore some of the wide open spaces found across our great land. The sofa and dining table convert into additional bunks, so there is really room for the whole family. The fridge keeps you stocked up with plenty of food for the week, too. Best of all, renting an RV means you save thousands when compared to purchasing.

Become the Master of the Road trip!

Are you done with being trapped in a hotel room with a limited choice of restaurants every night? Leave resort life behind to set your own pace when you rent an RV. Fun Time Rentals is situated on the southern edge of Lake Oahe, so you are close to the wild grasslands, endless opportunities for dry camping, and a number of camping resorts when you want a touch of civilization again. It is all up to you!

Still not sure about renting a camper? Come visit us at Fun Time Rentals and take a tour of one of our motorhomes or travel trailers. Check out our inventory of additional equipment that can add convenience and fun to your vacation.