Waverunner Rentals for High Octane Excitement

Are you looking for an option to the sedate canoe that you normally paddle out to your favorite fishing spot? Check out the Waverunner rentals at Fun Time Rentals and kick up some fun on your way to a day of excitement on the lake. These versatile small watercraft have enough room to stow your rod and reel and even a small cooler. They are the perfect option to turn your Lake Oahe vacation into one filled with adrenaline pumping experiences.

Local and Affordable make Us the Best Rentals Near Me

Does it seem like all the waterfront rental places are charging extra? They are! Give us a ring and compare our affordable rental rates for watercraft and equipment that earns us the rating of best rentals near me. It's not just our prices that bring back customers year after year, we also stock campers, camping equipment, trailers, and even generators. If you need it to take your vacation to the next level, we probably have one ready for rent.

Watercraft with Seating for One, Two, or Three

Did you know that many Waverunners have room for more than just the pilot? Take your date out on the water for a day of thrills when you rent one of our two or three seater watercraft. Life jackets are included with every rental. We check each unit for function and safety before we send it back out again. Are you checking out a smaller lake? Ask us about a trailer rental that will tote your boat or ATV to the remote location.

Even though the office for Fun Time Rentals is located a couple blocks from the water, many of our boat rentals are waiting for you at a local marina or campground. Let us know where you are staying and we can match you up with the right rental.